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GATE Leaders


Jeff Osborn (


Teacher Representative:

Kirstin Souza


Parent Program Chair:

Saket Goyal (


Wrms Gate Parent Night - 9/13, 7pm in Mpr

Current Gate Offerings in 2018-19

GATE offerings 2018-19

Gate Programs

GATE students at Windemere Ranch are clustered within CORE sections. Within those classes, teachers can differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of not only GATE, but all students. Math is differentiated through placement in advanced math classes. Enrichment activities are provided both in and outside the classroom, there are even a few activities designed just for GATE students, by GATE parent volunteers. 

Stay tuned to this page and to your email for upcoming GATE program dates.

Gate Identification and Information

Srvusd website has Gate testing and identification information at



Information About Perfectionism

Information about Perfectionism found at National Association of Gifted Children- link

District GATE Info



Math Pathways


Teacher Rep:

Kelly Ryan

Parent Rep:

Raj Bagepalli

Admin Rep:

Jeff Osborn