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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Windemere Ranch Middle School Education Fund (WRMSEF)?

WRMSEF is a volunteer (board of directors are parents of WRMS students) run, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to supplement our children’s public education. WRMSEF was founded when the school opened and is dedicated to raising funds for two primary goals:

  • academic class size reduction to 30 to 1, or less
  • funding technology support
  • Our ONLY fundraiser is the annual donation drive during registration.
  • At no additional cost to parents, we also receive funds from Corporate Matching and eScrip.

2. What does my $450 per child contribution pay for?

Your annual contribution to WRMSEF funds two things:

  • academic class size reduction        
  • funding technology support

3. What other fundraisers do you conduct?

The Registration Drive is the ONLY fundraiser for WRMSEF.

At no additional cost to parents, we also receive funds from Corporate Matching and eScrip.

4. What are employer matching funds?

Many employers offer Corporate Matching of charitable donations as an employee benefit.   Please contact your employer to determine if your company participates.  You may also contact our Corporate Matching Coordinator at wrmsefcorpmatch@yahoo.comfor more information.

 5. I don’t have the means to contribute $450 at this time.  Can I spread out my payments?

YES!  You can spread out your payments into three installments: at registration, Oct 15th, and on Nov 15th.

These payment plans require that you pay by credit card.

7. I am sending my child to a public school, pay high property taxes and we recently passed Measure “C”.  Why should I have to pay money on top of what is already state-funded?

The Windemere Ranch Middle School Education Fund was founded in order to raise funds that would allow the school to:

Reduce academic class sizes and

Fund technology support

Similar to other schools in the SRVUSD, the parents of Windemere Ranch support the school’s Education Fund because they want to supplement state-funding and directly impact the quality of their child’s education.

Thanks in part to last year’s parent contributions to the Education Fund, WRMS was recognized as a California Distinguished School AND reported the highest API score out of all the middle schools in the district.

This achievement is impressive given that students in the SRVUSD consistently rank in the top 10% on statewide standardized tests and SATs.   The district has been recognized for its excellence through such honors as the coveted State Department of Education's Distinguished Schools Award (schools in the district have received this honor more than 50 times, more than any other district in northern California), and through recognition by the U.S. Department of Education as National Blue Ribbon Schools.

We encourage you to learn more about California school funding at

8. Are your budget numbers available to the public?

 YES!  Please contact President or the Treasurer for a copy.

9. My child is in 8th grade, why should I donate if our family will not be here next school year?

ALL children currently enrolled in WRMS this school year will benefit from funds we raise during registration.

Additionally, because the Education Fund also support technology upgrades, we are ensuring that future students enjoy the same technological advantages current students receive.

10. Can I give more than $450 ?

Yes!   Your incremental donations will make it easier to meet our revenue targets.

If we exceed our revenue targets, we will have the opportunity to fund more sections and earmark more dollars for technology upgrades.

 11. Can I give less than $450 ?

Yes.  WRMSEF is a non-profit organization and the requested parents’ contribution is voluntary.

We encourage each family to seriously consider the amount that they are financially able to give, knowing that this contribution directly benefits ALL children at WRMS this school year.

Since we only have ONE fundraiser a year, if we don’t meet our revenue target, the WRMSEF Board of Directors will re-evaluate the budget and make any needed adjustments.

12.  What will happen if I decide not to contribute?

We know that all families are affected by the current difficult economic environment

We’re confident that WRMS families recognize that a contribution of $450 per year, just $2.50 per school day, is a worthwhile way to spend their hard-earned dollars

Your decision has a direct impact on the number of “sections” or “classes” are funded this school year by the WRMSEF

More sections = smaller class sizes

Since we only have ONE fundraiser a year, if we don’t meet our revenue target, the WRMSEF Board of Directors will re-evaluate the budget and make any needed adjustments.

13. Can I volunteer my time instead of contributing $450 ?

Parent volunteerism is strongly encouraged and appreciated.  However, volunteering your time will not directly result in WRMSEF meeting its revenue targets.

Please contact President or any of the board members if you are interested in volunteering your time and/or contributing your resources.

We are always in need of volunteers and would welcome your expertise and support.

14. Is my donation a tax-deductible item?

Please consult your tax advisor to determine if your donation is tax-deductible.

WRMSEF is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation, a qualified 501{c} (3) non-profit organization.  Our Tax ID is # 04-3815491 .

15. I have some suggestions, and want to give my feedback. How can I get my opinion heard?

Please contact any board member to give us your feedback