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6th grade information

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6th grade FAQ

Is there homework over the weekend?

     -Yes, but not in all classes.

Do we have a playground?

     -No, but you can do activities at lunch.

Are there breaks?

     -We get a 6-minute break after 2nd period except for Wednesday.

Will bullies bully me and beat me up?

     -No, we have very nice people at this school.

Are the teachers nice?

     -Yes, but make sure you focus and listen in class.

What time and how long is lunch? 

     - The 6th graders have lunch before 7th and 8th and it is about 30 minutes long. 6th grade lunch starts at 11:02 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  On Wednesday, it's at 11:29.

 Where are we allowed to eat? Do we have lunch by ourselves?

     -You are only allowed to eat inside the cafeteria, and you get to sit wherever you want with your entire grade level.

 How long is each period?

     -Each period is about 43 minutes, except Wednesdays are shorter.

 What wheel classes are there?

     -There is Art, Keyboarding, Drama, Home Economics (foods), Keyboarding, Computer Applications, and Digital Presentation.

 Are there any after school sports?

     -Yes, you can sign up for after school sports.  There is cross-country, football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, cricket, and track and field

 Will we have lockers?

     -Yes, but you only have PE lockers.

 How much time do we have to get to our next class? 

     - You have 4 minutes to get to your next class.

 How many classes will we have? How many teachers?

     - 6th graders have 8 different classes and up to 6 different teachers.  The classes are a 3 period core (reading, language arts, social studies), math, science, p.e., exploratory wheel and AP.  You can also sign up for a music class: chorus, falcon band or beginning orchestra.

 Will we have PE everyday?  Do we have to change our clothes?

     -Yes, you have PE everyday and you will have to change into your PE uniform.

Is middle school hard?

     -It will only be hard if you don’t try your best.

Will it be hard to get from class to class?

     -No; it’s actually easier than you think it would be when you first get here. The classes are close to each other.

What happens if you don’t do your homework?

     -We have a system called ZAP (zeros aren’t permitted) where you get to make up your homework, but not for full credit.

What is AP/Advisory?

     -AP is your last period where you have time to do your homework.  You can also ask other students and teachers for help during this time.

How do you find your other classes?

     -At the beginning of the year, there are students who help you find your first class. From there, you can ask your teacher where your next class is. It’s very easy to remember. You will also be given a map of the campus.

How do you tell apart the buildings?

     -The buildings are labeled, you can get a map at orientation, and there are two main buildings where your classes will be, so it’s very easy to distinguish them from each other.

Do you have to dress for P.E. on the first day of school?

No, you will get your PE uniform at registration and then your PE teacher will tell you when to start dressing out for P.E.



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