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Send in photos from winter break/vacation and more!
Posted 1/8/19

Students, Staff, and Parents,


There are still more opportunities to be recognized in the yearbook! Send in pictures about where you traveled or what you did over winter break. Even a photo of you at home doing a fun activity can be used!

It's not too late!


Click the link or copy and paste it:

School Code:12348

Upload your photos!


More Photo Opportunities: (PHOTOS NEEDED ASAP!)

*Another reminder will be sent if photos are still needed


-Winter Concert Photos/After Concert Photos

-Sports Awards/Honors & Recognition

-Future Heritage Night (Coming February 21st)

-Volunteering (All grades)---CJSF(7/8)

-How To Tutorials--(STILL NEEDED) Send Loopmail directly to Sarah Swee for more information

-Bye Bye Birdie/15 Reasons Not to Be in A Play/School Daze pictures (Drama Club/Drama)

-Afterschool Sports


Photo Guidelines:

  • No direct bullying/harassment towards a student/another student in a photo
  • No inappropriate gestures
  • No violence

The best yearbooks are the ones that have good quality photos, best coverage, and unique types of photos! Parents, feel free to send in pictures of your student(s). 

Help us make this book the best yearbook at WRMS yet!


Loopmail Sarah Swee or McKenzie Walleshauser if you have any questions.


Thank You!

-The Yearbook Team