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Students in Drama are automatically in the play each semester, and in the Drama assemblies! Students will learn acting skills and will work together as an ensemble, developing self-confidence along the way! By learning to trust themselves and others, students in this fun elective get to know each other really well.  Students get to perform improvisations, monologues, and scenes while practicing techniques in voice, movement, and focus.  Students develop an appreciation of dramatic literature, learn theatre etiquette, and become familiar with theatre traditions. Everyone experiences the entire play production process.  Actors use costumes, makeup, microphones, scenery, and props. Join us and break a leg! (This is a mixed 7th and 8th grade class.)



Students in Stagecraft elective will have fun creating the backstage effects for our play and working together as a crew.  Students will study the play and make decisions about the technical elements based on their interpretation and the director’s vision of the play.  They will design, create, and manage the sets, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, props, and publicity of the drama production.

Students will:

  • study various technical aspects of theatre in mini-lessons,
  • build and design various technical aspects of the show on pre-show crews,
  • learn safe and effective practices for working with building tools,
  • collaborate and communicate with their crew and the director,
  • practice keeping to production deadlines,
  • gain an appreciation for live theatre and the work involved in play production, and
  • assist with live productions.

(This is a mixed 7th and 8th grade class.)