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If you are new to WRMS and/ would like to know how to sign up... visit the Weekly Tutorials (Tuesdays/Thursdays) page.

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Cell Phone Policy

SRVUSD Policy on Possession of Cellular Phones at School:
Possession of cellular phones or other electronic devices by a student, at school, is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the pertinent district or school rules that pertain to the possession /use of such devices. Cellular phones or other devices are only allowed to be used for instructional purposes under the direct supervision of a classroom teacher. Otherwise, cellular phones or other electronic devices are not to be used, heard or seen during the school day, which includes both in-class instructional time as well as non-structured times such as lunch, break & passing period. If phones are visible or audible at any point of the school day, they will be taken and held for parent pick-up after school. Repeat violations will result in progressive disciplinary consequences.
Smart watches should only be used to tell time and not for communication with others. The same consequences will apply for violations to this policy.
The District/school shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to a cellular phone brought onto campus.

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Race day is Sunday October 13
We have new courses for both 5 and 10k!  Maps are available on the RFE website.  We will no longer be on Bollinger Canyon/Alcosta.  Parking will be easier. 
New 5K Course Start! This year, we will be starting and ending adjacent to the beautiful new San Ramon City Center at Bishop Ranch (BR2700).  
All runner will have timed bibs - but you don't have to look at your time!  This is a cost saving simplification and different bibs are no longer needed. You can still walk, stroll or caterpillar.
Saturday October 12 is the Health and Wellness Expo, Friendship Run (for students with special needs) and Mini Run (ages 2-6)
10K Course - Same Starting location as last year - Charlotte Wood.  Pick up bus at BR2700 instead of Iron Horse. Race ends adjacent to San Ramon's City Center at Bishop Ranch.  10K registration includes a high quality tech shirt.   (Quantities limited).
For every 10 volunteer points earned, our school will earn $50. Go to for  more information.