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WRMS Education Foundation

WRMS Ed Fund Board

2019-20 School Year


President: Amar Mann

Treasurer: Shiv Gowda

Corporate Match: Shikha Rawal

Secretary: Amy Kelly

School Principal: David Bolin

School Staff Member: Jeff Osborn

Windemere Ranch Middle School Education Fund: The Secret of Our Success

Tax ID: 04-3815491   Address: 11611 East Branch Parkway, San Ramon, CA 94582

Welcome to an extraordinary community of parents, teachers, and learners!  Windemere Ranch is one of the top-performing middle schools in all of Contra Costa County – and in the top 1% statewide.


Our academic success doesn’t just happen.  It reflects the concerted efforts of visionary administrators, superb teachers, a dedicated staff … and committed parents.  Many parents have demanding schedules that make it difficult for them to volunteer.  But EVERY parent can support the Education Fund.  And every year, nearly all of them do.  That’s the secret of our success.


The Ed Fund has two purposes:

  • Reduce Class sizes: First, we reduce core academic class sizes by purchasing additional sections from the district, in effect hiring more teachers.  In the last academic year we funded 16 additional sections.
  • Technology support & upgrade:  Second, we purchase new technology for the computer labs and provide ongoing tech support.  This gives your student access to a much richer variety of educational materials while developing proficiency in the tools of the modern economy. 


To fulfill these critical missions, we ask every parent to contribute $450 per student. If you’re able, additional contributions are welcome.  (Many parents give more.)  But contributions of ANY amount are gratefully received and will be put to good use.  Even if you’re not presently able to give the full amount, we urge every family to give something.


Mindful of the demands on your time, we don’t hold auctions, carnivals, car washes, cookie-dough sales, or other fundraisers during the school year.  Our only fundraiser is this one – the annual donation drive during registration.  So please take care of this very important aspect of registration.


In the school year 2018-2019, the Ed Foundation was able to fund fifteen class sections that reduced our class size averages and allowed us to offer the wide variety of electives that we enjoy. 



The Ed Fund has committed even more for the coming school year.  So we need your help, please fill out the donation section in the registration form. We also have a strong focus on Corporate Match for which we would need your help to submit your requests at your employer.


We’re counting on you.  Your most generous possible contribution will help sustain our school’s tradition of excellence.  Thanks for your support.




Amar Mann


Windemere Ranch Middle School Education Fund

Ed Fund

San Ramon Valley Ed Fund

Windemere Ranch Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.

For more information, visit SRVEF Website